TCL’s Roku Wireless Soundbar with Roku TV Ready certification from this past October. | Image: Roku / TCL

Roku today announced the expansion of its “Roku TV Ready” certification program, bringing in newcomer brands Polk Audio and Westinghouse early next year (and joining recent manufacturers Philips, JVC, and Element).

First launched in 2020, Roku TV Ready lets audio products (like soundbars) easily link up with a Roku TV set. Customers with supported soundbars get full integration of the audio settings and volume control within the Roku TV’s interface — all while using a single remote.

Owners of some early Roku TV Ready audio devices (like the Bose TV Speaker) needed only to connect the speaker hardware to a Roku TV via HDMI — but more recent devices like the TCL Roku TV wireless soundbar can simply work without the cable.

Roku reiterates…

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