You, too, can have a Jack Dorsey-like block profile picture


My friend said this picture makes me look like Hide the Pain Harold.

Following the news that Square is changing its name to Block, people started noticing (read: making fun of) the company’s new leadership and board of directors pages. While Block is still the same financial company that operates Cash App and Tidal and still has Jack Dorsey as its CEO, the leadership pages now feature each person’s portrait projected onto cubes. Now, Twitter user @tarngerine has pushed this developing meme even further by creating a tool that lets you create your own blockhead image.

Using Blockify Yourself is pretty simple — you select an uncomfortably close-up image of your face (or any image, I suppose, but if you’re looking for the best results…), and the site will turn it into a cube. You can also mess around with…

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