You can now watch the Uncharted movie’s entire plane fight scene

you can now watch the uncharted movie’s entire plane fight scene

You know what kind of video game movie Uncharted will be. You know it in your heart. But just in case you don’t know that you know it, you can now watch PlayStation Pictures’ entire live-action recreation of the infamous scene from that one Uncharted video game where Nathan Drake gets dragged out of an airplane by a rope ladder consisting of gigantic pieces of cargo and somehow manages to survive, without any cuts or annoying plot to get in the way.

There is a lot of green screen. Lots of baddies go down. Very young actors appear to do acrobatic things. Action abounds, just as Sony promised it would in the company’s CES 2022 presentation this evening, where it also revealed it’s pivoting into electric cars.

I am now adequately prepared…

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