Xbox Series S and X get new 512GB and 2TB storage expansion card options

xbox series s and x get new 512gb and 2tb storage expansion card options

New 2TB and 512GB storage expansion cards for Xbox Series X / S. | Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is announcing new storage expansion card options for the Xbox Series X / S today. Made by Seagate, there will now be a smaller 512GB card priced at $139.99 and a larger 2TB card priced at $399.99. These expandable storage cards slot into the rear of both the Xbox Series X / S to match the internal SSD speed and provide extra storage for games.

The first storage expansion card launched alongside the next-gen Xbox consoles, priced at $219.99 for 1TB of space. That pricing meant the $299 Xbox Series S jumped to nearly $520 if you wanted to add more storage and bring it up to 1.5TB overall. Now there are a variety of options for Xbox Series S owners who want to expand beyond the 512GB of space the console offers.


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