Wyze captures the banality of suburban life in its newest video doorbell ad (and it’s not pretty)

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The typical sell for a video doorbell is: “You need to see what’s going on at your front door from your phone so no one steals your Amazon packages.” Smart home company Wyze has gone a step further, warning its prospective users: “You need a video doorbell so your neighborhood kids don’t put flaming bags of poop on your doormat.”

In a frankly hilarious video promoting the new Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, the company invites you to purchase its newest doorbell so you can keep a watchful eye over the bonafide war zone that is the classic suburban neighborhood.

The video opens with a soothing James Earl Jones-style voiceover discussing the magnificence of the American “Front Porch” as a young boy runs joyfully along the path to his front door….

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