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10 Aug 2022
West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (WSFRS) has gone live with the latest major release of Infographics’ Web and Mobile App-delivered FireWatch fire service management software.
FireWatch provides WSFRS with a single integrated platform covering HR, Training and Development, Availability & Workforce Planning, Asset Management, and other areas. With this latest rollout, the service has transformed employee interactions with FireWatch into a re-designed, modern, graphically and KPI-driven User Experience (UX) where end users can see and action their integrated tasks and data in one place within the single system.
Plus, with access provided via the FireWatch Cloud, users have ‘anytime, anywhere’ access. Once fully deployed, single-sign-on via Azure Active Directory (AAD) integration will enable end users to use their existing Office 365 credentials to automatically authenticate and access the system, further simplifying the UX.
The upgrade to FireWatch 7.8 has now provided our staff with all the functionality of FireWatch”
The deployments involved extensive user testing and close collaboration between Infographics and West Sussex to provide a smooth transition, access to significant new application functionality, and updated Microsoft Azure Cloud hosting delivering Software as a Service (SaaS). Steve Buchanan-Lee, WSFRS’s Group Manager for Operational Training & Development, said: “The upgrade to FireWatch 7.8 has now provided our staff with all the functionality of FireWatch wherever they are and whatever they are doing. The improved user-end experience now allows much easier access to live data and reports, in a format that is both technically and visually easier to process.”
Improvements have already been seen in the monitoring and management of maintaining our availability for Operational response, for our communities, and we are continuing to explore further functionality in the use of FireWatch 7.8 to improve our support of staff competence and the management of Operational appliances and equipment.”   
The rollout of the new FireWatch v.7.8 Web Client UX alongside the FireWatch Mobile App has delivered several vital improvements, as identified by extensive testing, feedback, and approval cycles within West Sussex FRS user communities.
The key areas of transformation are summarised as follows:
Their last move from their previous ‘on-premise’ architecture to Microsoft Azure Cloud hosting with SaaS access also delivered clear benefits. The key ‘gains’ that the implementation teams identified at West Sussex FRS through their analysis included:
Russell Wood, Commercial Manager at Infographics, said: “It is gratifying to see all the hard work by Infographics and the West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service team pay off with such a successful rollout.”
We are already learning about the positive impacts the v.7.8 FireWatch Web and App rollout is having, helping the West Sussex team to provide an integrated system and processes, modernize their user experience, deliver self-service capabilities, and improve the security, flexibility, and scalability of their deployed solutions via our Microsoft Azure Cloud with SaaS delivery. This is a major step forward not only for West Sussex but all our clients looking to emulate their success and plan their upgrades to FireWatch 7.8.”
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Virtual reality (VR) is an emerging tool in the fire service. In addition to its role in firefighter training, it is also emerging as a useful means of education about fire prevention. Home Fire Sprinkler Association (HFSA) is using VR to demonstrate up close and personal the revelatory fire prevention role of home fire sprinklers at the early stages of a fire. VR experience A VR video available from HFSA demonstrates how fire spreads in two identical rooms in a single-family home in Ashland City, Tenn. Two rooms were set up as identical living rooms – one with sprinklers and the other without. Both were set on fire. VR video captures the dramatic footage, which is viewable in a user-controlled 360-degree video and an immersive experience using VR goggles. 360-degree educational video Comparing the damage in the two rooms tells the dramatic story of the value of residential sprinklers A live fire video shoot at the single-family home, which was earmarked for demolition, produced an unprecedented, virtual reality, 360-degree house fire, and sprinkler educational video. The viewer can see a flashover as the flames and smoke spread. The video shows how high heat from fires activates a sprinkler and how the sprinkler controls the blaze. Comparing the damage in the two rooms tells the dramatic story of the value of residential sprinklers. HFSC provides 20 low-cost virtual reality goggles to each fire department to maximize viewing of the video, financed through a grant from State Farm. Higher-end VR system The coalition also provides access to a higher-end VR system, including headsets and a laptop, for use by departments promoting the coalition’s Developer Incentive Program. The VR equipment, financed by a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant, helps to communicate the dramatic impact of fire sprinklers, triggering the brain and senses to the point that some users perceive they smell the smoke. The VR goggles and video had quite an impact at FDIC International, where HFSC shared a booth with FM Global.   fire fatalities Synthetic materials such as polyurethane, contribute to fire spread and produce toxic fumes Most fire fatalities that occur in the United States happen in the home. Fire is deadly, and modern design trends are contributing to the risk in new homes. Open floor plans, lightweight construction, and the use of composite wood beams can contribute to rapid fire spread, so today’s homes could collapse more quickly. Synthetic materials used in today’s home furnishings, such as polyurethane, contribute to fire spread and produce toxic fumes. A fire can become deadly within two minutes. Sprinklers Home fires also put firefighters at risk through exposure that can lead to injury as well as health issues. A community with sprinklers represents a less overall danger to firefighters, including less likelihood of contamination and/or exposure to cancer-causing materials.  sprinkler protection Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition was formed in 1996 to inform the public about the life-saving value of sprinkler protection in one- and two-family homes. Making up the coalition are the NFPA Fire Sprinkler Initiative, the American Fire Sprinkler Association, and the National Fire Sprinkler Associations. Additional fire service organizations Fire service organizations review all materials provided by the coalition and provide needed expertise Additional “member” organizations including State Farm Insurance and FM Global provide funding for the coalition. Other funding comes from various federal grant programs. HFSC is a purely educational 501(c) (3) charitable organization and a resource for independent, non-commercial information about residential fire sprinklers. Additional fire service organizations are also part of HFSC, including the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the National Association of State Fire Marshals, and the National Volunteer Fire Council. They provide valuable expertise and contacts to help spread the word and to promote HFSC’s mission. Fire service organizations review all materials provided by the coalition and provide needed expertise. NFPA 13D standard  NFPA 13D is the standard for the installation of sprinkler systems in one- and two-family dwellings and manufactured homes. The intent is to provide an affordable sprinkler system in homes while maintaining a high level of fire safety. HFSC’s Built for Life program Fire departments can participate in the HFSC’s Built for Life program, which provides support, resources, and materials to enable all U.S. and Canadian fire departments to make home fire sprinkler education a focus of their community outreach. Steps could be as simple as adding sprinkler messages and materials to existing outreach, or as comprehensive as establishing an outreach program for local builders and developers. Available materials include a fire and sprinkler burn demonstration kit, educational outreach, a certificate of participation, and more.  Stipends are available to pay for educational banners, live demonstrations, and monitors for virtual presentations.
The municipality of Nörvenich in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany procures a Rosenbauer RT (Revolutionary Technology) for its volunteer fire department. Equally impressed with the future-oriented vehicle concept, they are now joining the ranks of global customers, such as the Berlin Fire Department, the Los Angeles Fire Department, and the Dubai Civil Defence. The purchase contract was signed on June 20, 2022, at the world’s renowned trade fair, Interschutz 2022 and the vehicle will be delivered by the end of June 2023. Rosenbauer RT (Revolutionary Technology) “The RT is leading fire departments into the age of electric mobility in a sustainable way,” said Andreas Zeller, the Sales Director of Rosenbauer International AG, adding “And we are seeing more and more emergency response organizations around the world expressing an interest in this vehicle.” The RT is setting the technological benchmark, as it is certainly the most mature and well-conceived solution” Andreas Zeller continues, “We are particularly pleased that Nörvenich as a volunteer fire department in Germany to opt for an RT, and this confirms the trend. We estimate that by 2025, there will already be 700 to 800 vehicles with alternative drives operational in Europe. The RT is setting the technological benchmark, as it is certainly the most mature and well-conceived solution, and much more than just an electrified fire-fighting vehicle.” More than electric The Rosenbauer RT combines everything that matters in firefighting operations: a highly ergonomic and safety-oriented vehicle architecture that, for example, turns the crew cab into a mobile command center that can be accessed without barriers, an innovative control concept that allows the RT to be largely operated intuitively, comprehensive connectivity and therefore, the networking of all resources relevant to the operation (people, vehicles, technology, information, data) It also offers a future-proof drive and energy concept that allows fire departments to go into operation with zero local emissions, and protects the health of the emergency crews because more than 90% of all operations can be carried out without noise and pollution. High functionality of the air-suspended chassis Oliver Hartlieb, the Chief of the Nörvenich Volunteer Fire Department, is particularly delighted with the RT’s cab concept. He said “The conference seating arrangement makes it much easier for the emergency crews to communicate.” Oliver Hartlieb was also won over by the functionality of the air-suspended chassis, which allows the RT to be lowered at the operational site. He adds, “This makes it much easier to access the equipment stored in the superstructure.” On-board range extender ensures Fail-safe operation It was important for Oliver Hartlieb to ensure standard and fail-safe operation of the RT Last but not least, it was important for Oliver Hartlieb to ensure standard and fail-safe operation of the RT, which is guaranteed by the on-board range extender. He continues, “The diesel generator available as a secondary energy source provides the redundancy that we always want as a fire department,” says the fire chief.” “With the RT, our volunteer fire department, which is divided into nine firefighting units and covers 14 towns over an area of 66 square kilometers, is getting much more than a fire truck with an alternative form of propulsion,” said Timo Czech, the Mayor of the municipality of Nörvenich. He continues, “We are getting state-of-the-art technology that is ahead of its time in many ways. This helps us to build up our own experience at an early stage, both with regard to the drive and the many new solutions on the vehicle, which will be helpful to us in future purchases and concepts.” Rosenbauer RT for Nörvenich Volunteer Fire Department Timo Czech concludes, “I am also pleased that our fire department appreciates the fact that they are now trailblazers as well. I thank our municipal council and the fire chief, who have supported my proposal for the purchase of this vehicle from the very beginning. Thanks to public subsidies, the procurement has also become financially viable for the municipality of Nörvenich.” Information regarding picture an rights of use Yes, I have read and accept the rights of use.   Download now
The Brazilian state of Ceará received the first FireBull – the world’s first tracked fire engine from Magirus. A delegation with high-ranking representatives of the Governor of the Brazilian state of Ceará, the fire brigades and partners were guests at the Magirus Experience Center in Ulm for the technical acceptance and handover of the world’s first tracked fire engine, as well as a MultiStar combination vehicle and several portable fire pumps. State-of-the-art Magirus vehicles delivered Carlos Décimo de Souza from the Secretariat for Research, Technology and Education of the Governor of Ceará expressed his thanks for the very good, trusting and cooperative partnership. He said “We are thrilled to be able to take delivery of these state-of-the-art Magirus vehicles here in Ulm.” Carlos Décimo de Souza adds, “With the consistent renewal and constant expansion with innovative, unique deployment technology, such as extinguishing robots and powerful special vehicles, such as the Magirus FireBull, we want to ensure that our emergency forces can make a sustainable contribution to the protection of people, material and companies in our region, and are themselves always protected in the best possible way.” FireBull tracked fire engine The proven AirCore water mist technology enables efficient fire-fighting with high penetration depths The FireBull tracked fire engine from Magirus combines the highly efficient AirCore extinguishing technology, flexible set-up options and the extremely all-terrain PowerBully chassis from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG, to form a globally unique and versatile special fire-fighting vehicle. The proven AirCore water mist technology enables efficient fire-fighting with high penetration depths and throwing distances of up to 80 meters, but also an excellent cooling effect with minimal water consumption. Transport of high volumes of extinguishing agent The transport of high volumes of extinguishing agent (9,000 liters of water, 2,000 liters of foam) with a minimum ground pressure of 0.300 kilograms per square centimeter, at a permissible total weight of 30 tons, is one of the central advantages in impassable and difficult-to-access terrain. In future, the FireBull will be used in the region around Porto do Pecém, in Brazil. In addition to being called out for use in vegetation fires or operations in the nearby reserve and protected area, the region has a large port, beaches and numerous large industrial operations ranging from recycling plants to steel production, some of which have difficult-to-access terrain. Magirus MultiStar combination vehicle With the Magirus MultiStar, the Brazilian state of Ceará receives a unique combination vehicle consisting of a telescopic boom with rescue cage and a tank pumper. The aluminum telescopic boom allows an operating range of -12 m to +30.5 m, as well as an outreach of 16.5 m (3 persons). The Magirus TeamCab crew cabin offers space for 1 + 5 persons. The MultiStar is equipped with a fire-fighting centrifugal pump – FPN 10-3000 and FPH 40-250 with high pressure in bronze, as well as an extinguishing agent or foam tank with 1,500 liters of water and 300 liters of foam. Versatile equipment and fittings Magirus MultiStar offers smaller fire brigades the possibility of handling a wide range of different operations Thanks to its versatile equipment and fittings, the Magirus MultiStar offers smaller fire brigades, in particular, the possibility of handling a wide range of different operations – from transporting water, crew and equipment to rescuing people and providing technical assistance – with one vehicle. More than 10 of these vehicles are already in use in Brazil. In addition to the MultiStar and the FireBull, three new Magirus FIRE 1000 portable fire pumps complete the current delivery. Magirus delivers additional equipment to Ceará As early as the end of 2021, Magirus handed over an AirCore TAF35 fire-fighting robot, an AirCore turbine fire-fighting vehicle on an Iveco Daily 4×4, a MultiStar and the world’s highest articulated turntable ladder, an M42L-AS with rear-axle steering, to the Brazilian state of Ceará. In combination with the new vehicles, the Brazilian state has an innovative fleet of fire engines and special vehicles that is unparalleled not only in Brazil, but the world. The Magirus FireBull and the MultiStar will be shipped to Brazil in the coming weeks and presented to the public at a festive ceremony.
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