With Facebook’s recent name change to Meta opening the gates to rampant speculation about the next stage of online connection, many businesses, investors and tech enthusiasts have been keen to adopt the coming change, and start buying and selling new ideas and concepts based on a theoretical metaverse, which will eventually facilitate all new types of connection.
But that’s the problem – right now, the metaverse is a theoretical concept, with even Meta re-stating repeatedly that it will take years to become a reality. No one knows exactly what the metaverse will be just yet, and while some are envisioning a new era of digital connection, which puts more power into the hands of users, others have also noted that the computing power alone required to support this next stage will be so significant, that really, only the major players will be equipped to host this entire new stage.
Still, the metaverse discussion is already well advanced, and as more people become more aware of the idea, many have thoughts, and concerns, about what the next stage of connection will bring.
Which is the focus of this new infographic from NordVPN. The company surveyed 1,000 consumers to get some insight into how people feel about the metaverse shift, and what they know of the concept.
The most interesting note? While 87% of people are concerned about how the metaverse could affect their privacy, 74% would join or at least consider joining the metaverse anyway.
While privacy remains a key concern, it’s interesting to note that utility always takes precedence.
Check out the full insights from NordVPN in the infographic below.
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