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Trekking the World Trivia is a trivia game about traveling the world and learning of the things you can see or visit. The game makes it so you don’t have to be good at trivia to play the game, but you will be guessing in numbers. This game complements Underdog Games’ other titles including Trekking The National Parks, Trekking the World, and Trekking Through History. Trekking The World Trivia is for 2-5 players and can be played in 20 minutes. 
Each player takes a whiteboard and dry erase marker to write down their guesses to trivia questions. An infographic is placed out to reference at any time and helps give an idea of information covered in Trekking the World Trivia. Players will decide how many points they play to before there is a winner. 
The game is played over rounds where there is a reader who draws a card from the card holder and reads the question out loud for everyone. The reader then writes their numerical answer on their whiteboard for all to see. All other player’s collect their thoughts and get an idea of what one other player, the reader, thinks the answer might be. All other players then secretly write their answer on their own whiteboard. This number cannot be the same number as what the reader wrote down.
Once everyone is ready and has written down an answer, all whiteboards are revealed. The reader flips the question card over and reads the correct answer. The player who has the closest answer without exceeding it, takes the card and keeps it, and it’s worth a point. 
The bonus round then begins, and the reader pulls another card from the card holder, but this time they read the back side and conceal the other side so no one can see the answers. There are 2 types of bonus questions, the red and the blue. The blue questions are easier and can be used for younger players, and the red questions are tougher, and can be used for more experienced players. The bonus questions are not numerical, and these questions are only asked to the player who won the point in the main round. That player says the answer out loud and the reader then flipd the card over the check to see what the answer is. If answered correctly, that player gains that card for a point; if incorrect, the card is discarded. 
The role of the reader is then passed to the next player in a clockwise direction, and a new round begins. The player who gains the number of points decided at the beginning of the game wins the game.
Trekking The World Trivia is a game that lets you learn how much you don’t know about this incredible earth we have. I appreciate the way they designed the game to let everyone guess what they think the answer is on a whiteboard. On top of that, if a player has no idea, at least they get to see what another player guesses before they make theirs. I also like how the first question’s answer is always a number. I don’t have to think of random things that I don’t know and end up with a blank. I can at least guess a number to try to be the closest and then learning the real answer while learning about different trivia of this world.
The bonus point is also a fun and fast way to get more questions in. And since its a bonus question and the answer is a word, if you know it, you know it and if you don’t, you don’t. The blue questions also can be guessed more easily to at least give that player a chance. 
If you want to learn more about this world, and what it holds, this trivia game will be interesting enough to play. This is more of a travel game, learning about places and things you could see or visit or just learn about. It includes all the places, and things you would want to see or visit if you were actually going to visit that area in real life. Players who have traveled more than others also might have an advantage because of this.
Overall, the mechanics used are good enough that I would keep playing the game. If I were to just do bonus questions the whole time, I probably wouldn’t like the design of the game because I would have no chance to do well. Guessing a number is a lot easier to do than digging through my brain to actually think of the name of something. But it is a trivia game, so knowing that you are drawing cards and asking questions is what you are getting in this game.
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