Winner announced in geothermal infographic design competition in U.S. – ThinkGeoEnergy

In a great design competition for an infographic on geothermal energy, a team from Carnegie Mellon University has won the Grand Prize with their view on geothermal.

We reported about a design competition for some infographic on geothermal energy in the U.S., and now the winner and runner-ups have been announced.
Infographic_winner_InfinityBelowThe Grand Prize Winner is a team from Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, U.S.
The team Infinity and Below with members Tiffany Lai, Susie Lee, and Marisa Lu won the award on their
The infographic highlights the tremendous potential of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) in a unique way. It particularly shows the stable prices offered by geothermal, as it would not need “foreign fuel” to operate.
A great design, so make sure t0 check it out via this link. But you should check out the other designs as well that did not win. They all have great elements on showcasing the great potential of geothermal energy in the future energy mix.
So congratulations to the runner ups Yale University, Eleanor Roosevelt High School and the other finalists. To see their designs check this link out.
Source: CAES