Who is – and who is not – attending Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral? – Al Jazeera English

World leaders and royals assembled in London for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.
World leaders arrived in London to pay their final respects to Queen Elizabeth II.
The queen, who died on September 8 at the age of 96, was given a state funeral – the first in the United Kingdom since 1965 following the death of wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.
The 2,000-strong congregation included world leaders, royal family members, representatives from charities, and those who made ‘”extraordinary contributions” in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.
The main service began shortly before 11am (10:00 GMT) at Westminster Abbey in central London, followed by a committal service at 4pm (15:00 GMT) in Windsor and a private service at 7:30pm (18:30 GMT).
The infographics and map below highlight some of the attendees and the people not invited:
Below is a list of some of the world leaders attending the funeral. Click on the map to read more.

Britain invited heads of state or a representative at an ambassadorial level from any country with which it has full diplomatic relations.
Nations not invited included Syria and Venezuela because London does not have normal diplomatic ties. Britain also did not invite representatives from Russia, Belarus or Myanmar after it imposed economic sanctions on those countries.
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