Where to preorder the colorful new PS5 covers and DualSense controllers

where to preorder the colorful new ps5 covers and dualsense controllers

The five matching case and controller colors of the PlayStation 5. | Image: Sony

Ever since the PlayStation 5 was announced, opinions regarding its design and styling have been, well, mixed. Many jokes and memes have been made about the gargantuan size of the PS5, and how its two-tone monochromatic color and stretched-out wings are reminiscent of an oversized router. Jokes aside, once Sony revealed that the white covers are user-removable, there has been a demand for replacements. Enough people instantly wanted to own a blacked-out PS5 that a small cottage industry of third-party suppliers cropped up, selling unlicensed accessories until Sony came out swinging with cease and desist letters.

Sony finally came around and announced its own official replacement covers for the disc-based PS5 and the Digital Edition in…

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