What you learn after 350 hours of Joe Rogan

what you learn after 350 hours of joe rogan

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Here I am. Back again in your inbox on a Tuesday, in the final weeks before Christmas, New Year’s, and, for you business folks, the end of the quarter. For today’s Hot Pod, I interviewed the Media Matters researcher who listened to over 350 hours of The Joe Rogan Experience this year and reported back on what we’re all missing. He says the show, for those of us who aren’t spending our time there, is currently best described as a “cesspool of toxic masculinity that discusses elk hunting, mixed martial arts, anti-trans views, and harmful health information about the coronavirus pandemic.”

We’ll also discuss separate — but, in some cases, related — Spotify situations and more “greenwashing” in podcast ads. More, more, more, just in time for…

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