What losing Paradise tells us about today’s blazes

what losing paradise tells us about today’s blazes

An aerial view of homes destroyed by the Camp Fire in Paradise, California on February 11, 2019, three months after the deadly wildfire. | Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Thousands of Californians have fled their homes this week, as the Caldor, Dixie and other fires continue to blaze across the state. Despite the best efforts of firefighting teams, the Dixie Fire already torched the small mountain town of Greenville in early August, robbing many residents of a home to which to return.

The exodus sparked by each blaze has become an eerily familiar scene as fire seasons in the Western US grow more intense with climate change. Each community that loses part, or all of itself brings to mind the carnage left behind by the Camp Fire in 2018. That’s when Paradise, California was nearly wiped off the map, and surrounding communities suffered similar losses.

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