We might get a System Shock live-action series before System Shock 3

we might get a system shock live-action series before system shock 3

A live-action System Shock series is apparently on the table for games-focused streaming platform Binge, marking a third attempt at reviving the classic space horror series.

Deadline has offered a few details about the project, including that it will be executive produced by executives from NightDive — a studio and retro games publisher that acquired the remarkably tangled rights to System Shock in 2013. It’s being produced by Binge chief content officer Allan Ungar, and it’s supposed to be part of Binge’s original content lineup as the platform prepares for a 2022 launch.

There’s a heavy emphasis on “supposed to” here because System Shock adaptations have a troubled history. NightDive successfully released the long-unavailable 1994…

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