Warner Bros. Smash-style fighter pits Bugs Bunny against Arya Stark

warner bros. smash-style fighter pits bugs bunny against arya stark

After numerous leaks hinted that a new fighting game with Warner Bros. characters was in the works, Warner Bros. Games finally put the rumors to bed with the announcement of Multiversus. The announcement was a three-minute trailer showing off a healthy chunk of gameplay and some of the initial roster of characters including Bugs Bunny, Steven Universe, and, curiously, Arya “A Girl Has No Name” Stark.

Multiversus is a free-to-play Smash Bros-like game director Tony Huynh says is focused on teamwork and social play. Characters are designed to be mixed and matched together with strengths that augment one another. In the video, you can see Steven Universe using his signature shield to protect his partner, while Wonder Woman whisks her…

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