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By Medtronic and MedCity News
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Medtronic developed a way to reduce false alerts through its AccuRhythm™ AI algorithms. The algorithm is applied through cloud-based updates to all LINQ II™ Insertable Cardiac Monitors (ICMs) and helps improve the accuracy of information physicians receive so they can better diagnose and treat abnormal heart rhythms. 
The AccuRhythm AI algorithms are specific to the most common ICM false alerts, atrial fibrillation (AF) and pause (asystole) and are applied to the devices automatically with no action required from current LINQ II™ ICM patients. 
The AI technology analyzes features, patterns, and trends within the labeled ECGs to learn and distinguish true cardiac events from false positives.  False positives are suppressed while true positives are preserved to ensure clinicians are spending their time reviewing only the episodes that are clinically relevant.
To learn more about AccuRhythm AI Platform please fill out the form below to download an infographic explaining how it works.
Indications, Safety, and Warnings:
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