Unagi reveals ‘The Eleven,’ an electric scooter that plays music, avoids potholes, and looks incredible

unagi reveals ‘the eleven

Unagi, maker of Iggy Pop’s favorite electric scooters, is releasing its second model called “The Eleven.” (Yes, it’s a Spinal Tap reference.) As such, the company is taking everything that was cool and stylish about the Model One scooters, and dialing it up to, well, eleven.

The number of new, high-tech features on this scooter is truly impressive: swappable batteries, motion-detector alarm system, camera-based advanced driver assistance, and front and rear suspension to help cushion those potholes.

The Eleven is meant to be the company’s new flagship vehicle. “It’s an industrial work of art, the smartest scooter on the planet, and a full on urban assault vehicle,” Unagi CEO David Hyman told The Verge….

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