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July 2022 observations
o July was characterized by floods and Mudslide in the eastern region (Elgon sub region) which were triggered by heavy and extended rains on the 30th and 31st of July 2022. Transport related accidents were also reported in Wakiso district.
o A total of 12,202 individuals were affected, representing 2,692 households. 6,630 individuals from 1,105 households were internally displaced by the disasters.
o Adults (19-64) were the most affected population group (49%), followed by children under 18 (34%) and the elderly above 64 (17%).
o The most pressing needs are health, shelter, education and non food items.
o So far in 2022, 80,568 individuals have been affected by disasters, representing 15,800 households. A total of 11,945 individuals representing 3,668 households have been internally displaced.
o The Kisoro refugee status stand at 41,120 refugees received in Uganda and 17,874 at the holding and transit center.
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