April and May 2022 observations
During the period from 01 April to the date of reporting (24 May), Uganda has experienced floods, landslides/mudslides and hailstorms/windstorms.
A total of 31,848 individuals were affected, representing 6,568 households. 1,236 individuals from 988 households were internally displaced by disasters.
Adults (19-64) were the most affected population group (50%), followed by children <18 (43%) and the elderly >64 (7%).
The most pressing needs are health, water supply, food assistance, education, sanitation and hygiene related.
So far in 2022, 46,519 individuals have been affected by disasters, representing 11,368 households. A total of 4,434 individuals representing 1,521 households have been Internally displaced.
As the March, April and May (MAM) rainy season comes to an end, light rainfall (averaging less than 50 mm) is expected across the nation in the month of June. Therefore, a reduction in disasters triggered by rainfall is anticipated.
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