Twitter shouldn’t be hiding basic app improvements behind its Blue paywall

twitter shouldn’t be hiding basic app improvements behind its blue paywall

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitter launched its new subscription product, Twitter Blue, in the US this week — it’s a $2.99 per month service that promises to make Twitter “more customizable, more frictionless, and simply put — better.”

Let’s start just by looking at what’s actually included in a Twitter Blue subscription.

  • Ad-Free Articles (a take on Scroll, for articles you click through on Twitter)
  • Top Articles (a take on Nuzzel, for articles discussed on Twitter)
  • Themes
  • Bookmark folders
  • Customizable navigation
  • An “undo button” for Tweets
  • A “Reader” mode for reading threads
  • Twitter Blue Labs for early access features, including longer videos and pinned DMs

Looking at that list, there are two different categories of things here: features that enhance or support…

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