TP-Link is finally making some HomeKit-enabled products

tp-link is finally making some homekit-enabled products

Smart Tapo products with HomeKit from left to right: Color Light Bulb (L535E), Power Strip – Wall (P306), Dimmer Switch (S500D), Light Strip (L930), and Mini Plug (P125). | Images from TP-Link / The Verge

TP-Link has announced a new lineup of smart home products for the US at CES 2022 under its Tapo brand — including HomeKit-enabled smart lights, plugs, and a smart switch.

TP-Link has sold smart home products in Europe under the Tapo brand since 2019, but now the company is bringing it to the US for the first time. Previously, none of the Tapo products supported HomeKit, but now five of the newly-announced Tapo products will support Apple’s smart home connections. (The company initially promised at CES 2019 to include HomeKit with a smart plug, but later canceled plans to push the update.)

The all-new Tapo HomeKit-enabled products are slated to release throughout 2022, starting with the Mini Plug in the first quarter. The Power Strip,…

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