Toyota’s new electric SUV has a solar roof and a steering yoke like Tesla

toyota’s new electric suv has a solar roof and a steering yoke like tesla

Toyota released new details about its upcoming electric compact SUV, the BZ4X, which includes an optional solar roof and a steering yoke similar to the one featured in the latest version of the Tesla Model S.

The steering yoke, which Toyota describes as having a “wing-shape,” employs a steer-by-wire system, where there is no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and tires. The yoke only needs to turn up to 150 degrees from side to side and the driver doesn’t ever need to remove their hands. This will eliminate the need to change grips when steering, which the company argues will make U-turns and other maneuvers easier.

Toyota first revealed the BZ4X earlier this year at the Shanghai Auto Show, along with an electric vehicle…

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