Toshiba’s new 4K Fire TVs might beat out Amazon’s on picture quality

toshiba’s new 4k fire tvs might beat out amazon’s on picture quality

Image: Toshiba

One of Amazon’s Fire TV partners just announced a new model that might outshine the tech giant’s own self-branded TVs that launched only weeks ago. Today Toshiba is introducing the first Fire TV 4K TVs to feature local dimming, a backlight technology that produces improved contrast and black levels compared to the direct LED method used by cheaper sets and Amazon’s new Fire TV Omni series.

Toshiba says the new M-Series contains “up to 48” dimming zones. The TV comes in 55, 65, and 75-inch screen sizes. So assuming that 48 number applies to the biggest model, it’s not exactly going to compete with high-end Vizios or TCLs, which pack more dimming zones into their backlighting systems, but it should still make for a significant improvement…

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