Today I learned about the Shazam Chrome extension

today i learned about the shazam chrome extension

Shazam is available in yet another place. | Image: Shazam

Today I learned about Shazam’s Chrome extension, which seems to have been out for about a month and can help you identify music playing on the webpage you’re viewing. Having the app directly in Chrome could help you figure out what song is playing in an ad, trailer, or livestream without having to mess around with your phone. (Thanks to 9to5Google for finding and pointing out this nifty tool.)

The extension does everything I’d expect it to — you go to the tab where music is playing, press the Shazam button, and it’ll try to identify the song. If it succeeds, it’ll give you a link to the song in Apple Music (serving as your occasional reminder that Apple owns Shazam). It’ll also keep track of the songs you’ve identified in a running list…

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