TikTok is testing a Twitter-like Repost button for sharing videos

tiktok is testing a twitter-like repost button for sharing videos

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

The highly addictive clock app is testing a feature that should save you the trouble of having to DM the most share-worthy clips from your For You page with friends. TikTok has introduced a “Repost” button that works a little like Twitter’s retweet feature — but it doesn’t appear to be available to everyone yet.

Several sites earlier reported on the feature, and social media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted an image of the button on December 19th. TechCrunch today reported a more detailed explanation of how the tool works in practice, including that it seems to be limited to the For You feed from the share menu rather than throughout the TikTok app. (Videos that are shared can similarly be un-shared from this menu as well.)


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