This tiny plastic Shockbox makes Magic: The Gathering games even more painful

sheepwave 2 .0


Magic: The Gathering is a painful game. It hurts to see your meticulously crafted deck obliterated by a killer combo by turn four or to have your game-winning creature fizzle into nothing with a well-timed Counterspell. But Sheepwave — a streamer, artist, and Magic: The Gathering content creator — doesn’t think this already ruthless game is painful enough. To add a little spice to her Magic games, Sheepwave made the Shockbox — a box that delivers a tiny electrical jolt whenever a player takes damage.

Sheepwave says the Shockbox was born out of a “twisted” sense of humor and an affinity for electrical engineering projects.

“The whole thing started as a one-off joke I made,” Sheepwave tells The Verge. “But people really responded to it,…

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