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That’s a lot of logos
Last week’s Nintendo Direct was one of the busiest 40 minutes that the company has ever delivered in a showcase, with a rather broad mix of titles on show. Keeping track of it all was hard work and – more importantly – rather exciting, setting us up well for games over the next six months.
Nintendo of Europe has now released a rather nice Nintendo Direct infographic that also highlights how many games featured in the show; it’s a lot of logos.
Now that the dust has well and truly settled on the Direct, remind yourself of the reveals and let us know in the comments what you think of the presentation now.[source]About Thomas Whitehead
Thomas Whitehead
Tom has been involved in the games industry for a decade, mostly writing about it or struggling to sell Indie games. Loves reading, writing, hunting Capcom’s fiercest monsters and watching baseball.
Comments (63)
I saw a way bigger fanmade one, but it’s still impressive
So many interesting releases but unfortunately not that much money to let go…If that’s for a semester of releases, I wonder what’s coming until the end of the year
I’m looking forward to the new Kirby. I’m quite hyped for it
Q : What you now think of the presentation ?
Me : It still disappointing for me. From all logos shown above, I will only reacted positively (Blue Circle) for Two Point Campus and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC.
Still unsure with Switch Sports, Klonoa, Kirby and Taiko no Tatsujin (Yellow Question mark).
The other majority games are just Straight NO (Red Cross) and HELL NO (Double Black Cross) from me.
Should be able to comment once I’ve finished scrolling down…
It was fun that so many people got their random "this would never happen" announcement (like Strikers, or Live A Live, or in my partners case Chrono Trigger) but other than Klonoa I’m feeling underwhelmed by it.
The two things I really wanted were those rumored Batman Arkham ports, and am announcement of a Nintendo game that wasn’t multiplayer or a huge RPG, and it seemed it was almost exclusively those two
@Anti-Matter eyeroll
And out of all of it Kirby is the only thing I’m interested in (and kind of Portal – if only if was physical…..i might still cave)
That’s because I am different.
I have different gaming taste, different interest, different expectation.
This is going to be a huge year for Nintendo. I cannot wait for Kirby and Splatoon 3 especially.
Playing the new demo for Triangle Strategy I think I might actually get it.
I feel like having Metroid Dread up there is a little misleading since its only getting some difficulty options and a boss rush mode. I would really love to see some DLC for new content. Excited for Advance Wars though and never tried Front Mission so that might be worth checking out. 48 tracks for Mario Kart 8 isn’t anything to sneeze at either.
Graphic design truly is my passion.
Best Direct in a while for me honestly. New Mario Strikers, updates on Splatoon 3 and Kirby, MK8D DLC YESSSSS and a lot of other games that weren’t for me but I know have an absolutely massive following.
The direct was mid in my opinion, and no, it’s not because of the lack of Smash Brothers. The only things that really peaked my interest was was Nintendo Switch Sports and the MK8 DLC. I was of course happy for Splatoon 3 and Mario Strikers, but the trailers didn’t really grab me.
Oh, and screw Triangle Strategy.
That’s not an infographic, that’s just a bunch of game logos. Infographic is when we get some insight missing from a plain list of titles.
@Anti-Matter I’m similar, only really interested in MK8 DLC. Don’t think I’ll be buying anything else there to be honest. Splatoon 3 and BOTW2 is what I want this year really.
@Anti-Matter The Portal games were excellent back on the PS3. You’ve probably made up your mind regarding the numerous RPGs there, but I highly recommend you give Portal a shot.
Pretty cheeky including a bunch of games that were announced last year, NSO games, the fvcking weak ass Dread update (extra pathetic)
I have watched the gameplay of Portal from YouTube and it wasn’t even clicked on me when I saw a first person style walking in maze room puzzle game (I don’t know better words to describe about Portal). It didn’t look interesting for me. My brain said No.
That was the biggest – “how are they doing that” moment!
I was shocked and thrilled by the Mario Kart announcement.
…and then shocked and thrilled about Switch Sports.
I remain excited by the new Kirby game!
I’m hopeful that The Show will be good.
I’ll absolutely try Disney Speedstorm.
Just that list alone means I’ll buy at least 3x as many games this year as in 2021 – and there are a number of other games on the list I’ll probably check out (Advance Wars and maybe a double-dip on Portal for starters).
I think that was the best direct ever – love the logos to increase the hype.
Wow that was a lot of games. I mean yeah sure a lot of old ports but its a LOT of old ports of good games. A lot for basically the next few months.👍
Also, did no one tell No Man’s Sky they were going to be on a colorful Nintendo infographic b/c that logo sucks.😂
Mario Strikers and Xenoblade 3 were the ones that really amped me up. I was already sold on Kirby. Switch Sports, Live Alive, Advance Wars and the Assassin’s Creed Collection are maybes, after I either see more or there is a future sale. I was really hoping for Windwaker and Twilight Princess HD and the rumored Metroid Prime remake. Hopefully those still happen in the future.
@Anti-Matter Sometimes I really do not understand your taste in games. I’d think you’d love Earthbound, Cuphead, Portal and Advance Wars. Earthbound and Advance Wars are legacy titles with lovely characters, bright colours and joyous gameplay experiences. Cuphead because it is based around classic Disney and a fun platformer and Portal is a great puzzler with a fun a quirky sense of humour. To each their own I guess.
A lot of good RPGs coming! I’m very excited for Live A Live, that one caught me completely by surprise. Looks like I’ll be playing a lot of HD-2D games this year
@Zverik I think the "info" part is the "Nintendo Direct 9/2/22" at the top. If it was just the graphic part I’d agree w/ you, but it’s a graphic of games and game content shown in the Direct on that date. Which would be "insight" for anyone who hasn’t watched the Direct.
Not sure how much more "info" you think it needs to qualify, "insight" is probably more subjective than objective.🤷
I honestly think there is a ton here to love! I adore the Xenoblade 3 announcement as it is Takahashi finally getting to do the Perfect Works he has been eyeing since the mid-90s. There are fun platforms, family-centric fun, competitive shooters, expansions to already beloved games and THOSE RPGS! Chrono Cross + Radical Dreamers, Live A Live, Frontmission 1+2, Triangle Strategy, Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings and the aforementioned Xenoblade 3. Plus some really meaty 3rd party offerings as the Ezio Trilogy is peak Assassin’s Creed and No Man’s Sky… Like WOW Nintendo… you can settle down now and… what is this Bayonetta 3 and Breath of the Wild 2 still slated for this year? DAMN!
@Wexter I feel like we should stop trying
My favorite thing from the Direct (apart from personal opinions on individual games, which there were a LOT LOT LOT of positive for me!) is that if you look at the whole thing objectively, there is just about something for everyone. Maybe not everything for everyone, but there is at least something that just about any gamer can get in to. That is a wide swath of games to release in just the first half of the year (minus Xenoblade, and maybe those that said “coming this year”). You like RPGs? Here you go with Xeno, Earthbound, LiveALive, and more. Action? Splatoon, FE Warriors and Kirby got your back. Sports? MLB, Strikers, Switch Sports. Platformers your jam? Klonoa and in a sense Portal. Open world exploration? No Man’s Sky is coming at you this summer. Strategy fan? Front Misson 1 & 2 coming, Advance Wars, Triangle Strategy (with a meaty demo!) can tickle your fancy. Multiplayer your thing? Lots of that up there with Sports, Strikers, MLB, Splatoon, Advance Wars, etc. Want something for free? Disney’s Speedstorm (which I’ll at least try out, as a F2P) is coming. Even if you only liked just one thing out of that Direct, there WAS SOMETHING FOR YOU. I don’t see how anyone could have been totally and completely disappointed with that list of games coming within the next 6 months or so!
I feel like this was the first direct where the covid delays were really apparent. Xenoblade aside, just about everything from Nintendo was an add-on or a remaster from a previous project and a bunch of 3rd party ports.
All things considered, it was still a strong showing, but its so hard to compare to times when production was running at full force.
I’m excited as hell for the Portal Collection and "free" Mariokart DLC, so I didn’t feel like I was leaving empty handed.
To be fair, Kirby is looking very, very good. Whether it is as good as getting Mario Odyssey 2… we don’t have long to wait. I’m hopeful though, and having a new 3D platformer is great.
@Wexter Anti pretty much only likes games were you grow things, life sim types. Cuphead I’m pretty sure would be too hard, don’t think Earthbound would be growing enough. They did buy a PS4 a year or so ago so they are expanding their horizons but it’s still a relatively small proportion of games.
I don’t exactly get it either but when you look at all the games I don’t play – no FPS, no sports, no retro, hardly any Indies – I don’t think I’m much of a gamer either but I always have games waiting to be played and several coming. I mostly find it strange that ANY Nintendo gamer isn’t looking forward to Kirby. May ask them what’s up w/ that, that’s pure Nintendo gaming right there. Well the easy part, Donkey Kong needs a counterpart for those who like to git gud. I’ll be playing Horizon but skipping Elden Ring.
Let me explain my gaming world.
When you go inside my brain, you will see Dance Dance Revolution, Para Para Paradise, DrumMania, Beatmania IIDX, Pop’n Music, Keyboard mania, Martial Beat, Dance Evolution from KONAMI Rhythm games since I am a HUGE FAN of BEMANI games from KONAMI.
Then, you will see The Sims games, K-1, Bomberman, ACNL, ACNH, Mii games, girlie games (Imagine, Barbie, My Universe, Cooking Mama, Style Savvy, Hannah Montana, JS Girl, AKB48 + Me, Mahocole Maho Idol Collection, etc) and still so many games you will never expected I played those games.
When you saw the games I gave Red Cross, I have Zero interest with them. The gameplay, the character design, the association, the popularity just didn’t even clicked with my brain. I will not play kind of games that I gave Red Cross above.
You are crazy, there was tonnes of stuff, you are just upset they missed off boxing from Switch sports…
@Anti-Matter Again, friend, you’re missing out on so many different fascinating game experiences. I have zero interest in table top RPG’s or whatever, but I am absolutely loving Disco Elysium on my PS5 at the moment. Broaden your horizons and might just find something else you love as much as the list above.
But, hey, each to their own in this world ✌
I’m still waiting for a proper Cartoonish Boxing games like my avatar in HD and physical release. I have been waiting for so long since Animal Boxing NDS era. 😭
Kirby Xenoblade Chronicles Splatoon 3 Klonoa Probably Mario Strikers and the Mario Kart 8 DLC. Give me those and I’ll be set for the year.
@Anti-Matter You forgot to double cross Kingdom Hearts, or at least I would.
Man, no other collection aside from this and GTA Trilogy has gone from” absolutely yes” to “**** no” in such a short span of time.
Gimme Kirby, Mario Strikers, and Cuphead DLC, those will be day 1 for me. Others I’m interested, but may not be day 1, are the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC, Chrono Cross, the Portal games (if they’re physical with both games on the cartridge I’m game), Disney Speedstorm, Advance Wars, Switch Sports, Klonoa and a big maybe on No Man’s Sky.
The rest I’m not really that interested. Maybe in Splatoon, but I haven’t played 1 and 2 to start getting invested in 3.
Splatoon 3, MK8, Turtles, & Skywalker Saga are definites. Kirby, Switch Sports, Disney Speedsters, Portal, Assassins, Advance Wars, & Cuphead want to try. played force unleashed on Wii(liked 2 better). the rest not interested in.
8 titles I’ll almost certainly be getting there (I guess technically 10 as two are bundles of 2) and a good 2-3 more I’m curious about. This is a solid line up!
Going from you avatar, not so sure I would want to be battered around the ring by those two tough cops.
@PessitheMystic Portal is great for it’s first playthrough, but once you figure everything out and get the punchline for the joke, it loses it’s meaning.
Looking good so far
@Anti-Matter Wow I can see why your world is different from mine. For a guy who wanted Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for modern system, not sure why you would reject games that share that same element of entertainment. Either your world is a lie or you’re just desperate for attention.
The only logos that’s not suppose to be up there are Kingdom Hearts, those aren’t even games, just air.
@HammerGalladeBro the fact Kingdom hearts is on the list has to be a crime
@Specter_of-the_OLED even if they are not cloud, I still won’t play them because of that convoluted story
Too much! It’s too much! 😭
I really liked the direct but I’d have to knock it down a few points for Nintendo switch sports
Strikers and zombie 4
only must-buys for me are Fire Emblem and Xenoblade. I kinda just tuned out for the rest of the direct. Live A Live did pique my interest though.
What games I like and don’t like just exactly from the picture I posted. I wasn’t joking or making attention, I have very different interest in gaming. Popular games like Zelda or Metroid or Xenoblade or etc will never make me interested, instead I felt very indifferent with them. I have strong interest in rhythm games, life sim games, party games, casual games for kids, girlie games by mostly so the games like I mentioned above will always I like to play.
Yes, they are different, you might have never see people really enjoy playing DDR, Barbie games, K-1, etc but that was reality. Every peoples have their brain, have their life experiences, have their own interest, have their life situation that shaped their gaming preferences. Even from my avatar you can tell I am very different people here.
Xenoblade 3 is my favorite this year, the new Kirby Trailer absolutely sold me, Trriangle Strategy was a must for me anyways, Live a Life was a positive Surprise, i always wanted to play Chrono Cross and Earthbound so these are great Opportunities. I might even get Front Mission, but still unsure.
And this Direct didn’t even mention Bayonetta 3 and Breath of the Wild 2
The only big Reveals that are not for me are Fire Emblem Warriors and Splatoon 3.
In Short: Probably one of my favorite directs in years
Pretty good for the spring Direct. Almost all of this is out before the end of the summer
@BloodNinja That isn’t to say that it shouldn’t be played, just because it has next to no replay value. It’s an impeccably designed game that I think anyone with even a fleeting interest in the medium should check out at least once 👍🏻
Also, do you have the same opinion when it comes to rewatching movies for example? That you know what’s going to happen so they lose their meaning?
Live-A-Live: original vs. remake
I’m most excited about Live A Live! I lost my mind and almost my voice when the trailer started XD. I’ll also be picking up Triangle Strategy(worst name every), Front Mission, Chrono Cross, Portal but only if it gets a physical, Switch Sports and Xenoblades. I understand and respect those who didn’t enjoy it but I don’t see anything toping this for me.
@PessitheMystic I never said it shouldn’t be played. And yes, I share that opinion with certain movies. There are some I can watch over and over…others are pretty done once you learn the "catch/gimmick." Portal just happens to be a game that is hinged upon a single joke. It plays excellently, no doubt about it. It just doesn’t hold any replay outside of speedrunning.
The new Kirby, Mario kart dlc, Bayonetta (if it ever comes out) Pokemon Arceus(will get it eventually), the TMNT game, Silksong, breath of the wild 2, No Man’s Sky and whatever else comes that pick my interest and I think ill be set from the rest of the year.
RIP, Ryu Niiyama’s Bank Account.
(It’s even worse when I think about already announced stuff that wasn’t in the direct…)
@rjejr At least No Man’s Sky’s logo doesn’t look like it was made in Microsoft Word, like Triangle Strategy 🥲
So since I didn’t like the logo lake Nintendo did, I spent an evening categorizing these and adding info from Nintendo Life and eShop. Here is a better infographic of that Direct: (@ThomasBW84 maybe update the article please?
@Anti-Matter A remake of Animal Boxing would be nice.
That said, there are some games I would love to try, but I know that some (especially the RPGs) are pretty long and I have sadly not much time to play during the week and my back log of unplayed games are getting longer and longer. I wish I had more time for video games like those Youtubers, hehe.
Half-way through the presentation I realized:
"Oh no….I want……………all of these games…"
Earthbound and Beginnings were the highlights for me. I had never seen any gameplay nor knew the lore, so I went in totally blind. Needless to say, it was the right choice. I have always heard people praising these games, and looking at them I always thought they were the RPGs for me. So I waited and it was certainly worth it. Having a blast with them.
Of course I could have emulated them or bought em on Wii U, but it didn’t feel right.
@Anti-Matter I can understand where you’re coming from, a fan of more all ages content rather than a lot of guns and whatnot, but Portal and Portal 2 are great games well worth playing for anyone who has yet to play them. It’s about as unviolent as it gets, you’re gun doesn’t even shoot bullets, and even if it did, there are no humans in the game except for yourself, and no bad guys really to speak of. And at 20 bucks it’s drastically undervalued, and probably the best games on the system (assuming they’re ported properly).
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