This iPhone 13 case adds what the phone was always missing — a candy launcher

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No matter how much Apple hypes Ceramic Shield — the special glass mixture introduced with the iPhone 12 — and the build quality of the metal and glass sandwich that is the modern iPhone, expensive phones need cases. Maybe you ordered one alongside your new iPhone 13, but if you didn’t, may I propose an exciting and undeniably useful option — a giant case that rockets hard candy into your mouth (via Gizmodo).

YouTube creator and inventor Matty Benedetto is responsible for the DIY case, which he calls the Candy Catapult. It’s 3D printed from flexible TPU filament with a hard candy container back for your poison of choice, be it M&Ms, Skittles, or Reese Pieces (only sickos would mix all three). To actually launch the candy out of the case,…

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