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Not too long ago, you’d have needed to hire a graphic designer or another design expert to create a book cover or a graphic package or marketing materials that looked professional-grade. But now, there are a handful of handy apps that can help you do virtually all of those jobs all by yourself. That’s with the right support and guidance, of course.
The Designers Productivity Bootcamp Bundle shows how easy it is to create premium-quality digital assets with a package of training that can turn novices and even first-time users into proficient graphic designers for all those important digital art projects.
The training includes 10 courses packed with over 36 hours of instruction in using some of today’s most powerful graphic design software programs. One course leads users through building top flight infographics using Canva, while another explains how to create book packages using Amazon KDP. A third guides users through the tenets of digital drawing on an iPad using Protection, while still another explores how to use Figma for crafting cutting-edge web design projects.
Featuring courses led by design pros like Romney Nelson, Miles Toole, Meriel Bradley, and more, there’s training here to help even the most tech-phobic of users get comfortable and actually start creating using these powerful software tools.
The cost of each course in The Designers Productivity Bootcamp Bundle is usually $200, but with the current offer, the entire 10-course package is available now for just $24.99, only about $6 per course.
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