There might be more to come from buzzy VR theme park The Void

there might be more to come from buzzy vr theme park the void

The Void attendees wearing the the company’s headsets and VR backpacks. | Image: VERONIQUE DUPONT/AFP via Getty Images

VR arcade company The Void, which offered large-scale virtual reality experiences before financial difficulties forced it to transfer its IP to a creditor late last year, is planning to make a comeback. Protocol reports that the company’s assets have been acquired by a new company called Hyper Reality Partners, headed by a former investor.

The Void emerged as one of the more exciting VR arcade startups in recent years. With Disney as one of its highest-profile investors, the company offered large-scale multiplayer VR experiences, with some based on Hollywood franchises like Star Wars, Wreck-It Ralph and Avengers. Attendees would strap on a modified VR headset and a backpack containing a computer to power it, and then walk around an…

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