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Within the scope of the ‘Istanbul Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan’, IMM made practical programs in the pedestrian streets of the Historic Peninsula. Elements limiting the movement of pedestrians on Ordu Street and its surroundings were detected. Needs have been identified. The data obtained will form the basis of the sustainable mobility and urban design projects to be implemented by IMM.
Ordu Street, one of the historical and touristic areas of Istanbul, and the streets around it have been pedestrianized as of Monday, August 16, 2021. The Historic Peninsula took a breather with the application, which was brought to life with the decision taken by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME). IMM Department of Transportation organized programs to develop this relief in the Historic Peninsula and to identify the needs. Impressive and creative infographics were prepared in the ‘Laleli Discovery and Urban Infographic Workshop’. In the ‘Ordu Street Interactive Area Application’, the pavement was widened, a micromobility road (bike, scooter, etc. vehicle road) was built, benches were set up, and small parks were created.
Within the framework of Turkey’s first “Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan”, IMM carried out studies aiming to develop pedestrianization in the pedestrianized streets of the Historic Peninsula. Creative designs emerged in the ‘Laleli Discovery and Urban Infographic Workshop’, which was held in cooperation with the IMM Department of Transportation, Transportation Planning Directorate and Give Your City a Voice. Participants, who toured the area in six teams to collect and visualize data, depicted the Historic Peninsula as reflected in their own windows. Each group included their observations and data in their designs. Among those who prepared the infographics with the theme of “knowing the space and the users”, there were participants consisting of anthropologists, strategists, interactive media designers, infographic designers and architects.
In the second study, temporary areas were created on Ordu Street for the citizens to have a comfortable and safe pedestrian experience. 150 meters of the street was temporarily closed to traffic as a single lane. An interactive board was placed in the area and the opinions and wishes of the users of the district regarding the Historic Peninsula were received. Within the scope of the program, markings were made on the lane and sidewalks that were closed on Ordu Street. Seating and play areas were created. It was aimed to spend more time on the route, which was pedestrianized with jenga and balance games, which are among the wooden games that include those who cross the street.
With all these applications, IMM aims to determine the needs of transportation, pedestrianization and urban design projects to be implemented on Ordu Street so that people can use the area more effectively and spend more time in the region.
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