The verdict is in: watch the new PS5’s heatsink put to the test

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Sony’s new, lighter PS5 model with a smaller heatsink has been put through extensive testing by Gamers Nexus and Digital Foundry, and ultimately, it doesn’t seem that there are significant enough differences between the two models to seek one over the other.

“We overall haven’t seen any major downsides to either heatsink,” Steve Burke, editor-in-chief of Gamers Nexus, said in a video. “It seems to be [that] the fans make a decent difference, but not enough of one where you should pursue purchasing a specific fan.”

“We also wouldn’t really recommend pursuing a specific console,” Burke continued. “The 1100 [the revised console] versus the 1000 series [the launch console] … they’re not, in our testing, that different. There are a lot of…

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