The US finally adopts a national recycling strategy

the us finally adopts a national recycling strategy

A worker carries bags of used drink cans and bottles for recycling at a collection point in Brooklyn on October 18, 2021.  | Photo by ED JONES/AFP via Getty Images

The Environmental Protection Agency announced a new national recycling strategy today, the agency’s first ever such commitment, according to the Washington Post.

It’s a roadmap for the US to achieve a goal of recycling at least half of its municipal waste by the end of the decade. That’s a steep rise considering the US’ recycling rate has actually declined since 2015, and was only at about 32 percent of all municipal waste in 2018 (the most recent year for which there’s EPA data).

The recycling plans the EPA announced today are just the first piece in “a series” of forthcoming documents the agency plans to release to work towards a “circular economy,” or an economy where resources are recovered and reused to make new products rather…

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