The PlayStation 5 is available for Verizon customers right now

the playstation 5 is available for verizon customers right now

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

If you’re shopping for Sony’s next-gen console, it may feel like a PlayStation 5 is one of the scarcest materials on the planet. The PS5 launched more than a year ago, yet it remains difficult to get a hold of one. Things have gotten a bit easier recently, with more frequent restocks from retailers and directly through Sony, but the struggle is real.

But right now, Verizon customers can pick up the standard, disc-based PS5 for $500 directly from the carrier. The console listing is already up and the carrier is seemingly releasing stock in waves, so you have to get in there as soon as possible and see if luck is on your side today. Remember to log in to your Verizon cellular account while you wait and be sure your billing and shipping…

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