The new Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition is $45 off

the new kindle paperwhite kids edition is $45 off

The new Kindle Paperwhite Kids edition matches the base model but with extras added in. | Photo by Chaim Gartenberg

We are seven days away from the actual Black Friday, but if you have been paying any mind to our ongoing coverage for this shopping season, you know there are excellent deals happening every dang day. We have all kinds of excellent early Black Friday deals, including some retailer and brand-specific roundups, and there’s still a whole lot more to come. For now, let’s take a quick peek at some select deals that just popped up today.

First off, Amazon’s latest version of its acclaimed Kindle Paperwhite — released just last month — is $45 off for the Kids version at Amazon and Best Buy. This is a killer deal on the new Paperwhite, complete with its better screen that adjusts color temperature, wireless charging, and USB-C port.

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