The new Chipolo Card Spot puts Apple’s Find My network in your wallet

the new chipolo card spot puts apple’s find my network in your wallet

Chipolo has a new Bluetooth tracker it’s announcing at CES 2022: the $35 Chipolo Card Spot, a new version of the company’s credit card-shaped Spot tracker that utilizes Apple’s Find My Bluetooth network for locating missing objects.

The idea of a credit card-shaped tracker for your wallet is nothing new, of course — both Chipolo and more established competitors like Tile have been making them for years. But like the Chipolo One Spot released last year, the Card Spot ditches Chipolo’s own Bluetooth tracking network in favor of support for Apple’s Find My mesh network, used by AirTags and other Apple devices.

Chipolo has been a smaller player in the Bluetooth tracking world for years, but it’s made its presence more known in recent months…

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