The NBA is partnering with Infinite Objects to put your Top Shot NFTs on display IRL

the nba is partnering with infinite objects to put your top shot nfts on display irl

NBA Top Shot moments are one of the most high-profile NFT successes so far, part of the initial early hype wave for the blockchain-based art that’s become one of the biggest buzzwords of 2021. And thanks to a new partnership with Infinite Objects, Top Shot owners will soon be able to immortalize their favorite clips in the real world with officially licensed looping video frames from Infinite Objects.

Starting today, Top Shot owners will be able to log into Infinite Object’s portal, connect their Dapper account, view all their currently owned moments, and order a “Video Print” of the clip. Only the owner of an NBA Top Shot moment will be able to buy an Infinite Object frame with the associated video clip on it, and each frame will come…

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