The Motorola MA1 is a dongle for wireless Android Auto

the motorola ma1 is a dongle for wireless android auto

Image: SGW Global

If you’re a fan of Android Auto but hate having to plug in your phone, the Motorola MA1 could be worth a look — it’s a USB dongle that turns your wired Android Auto-equipped car into one that can connect to your phone wirelessly. The MA1, which is available for $90 starting today, pairs with your phone using Bluetooth and then transmits data over 5Ghz Wi-Fi. Given that only a few cars support wireless Android Auto from the factory (especially compared to the ones that support the wired version), this gadget could make for a relatively easy and inexpensive upgrade.

Of course, wireless Android Auto does have its drawbacks — since it’s not plugged in, your phone won’t be charging as you navigate with maps or listen to music using your car’s…

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