The Moto Watch 100 won’t run on Wear OS

the moto watch 100 won’t run on wear os

The Moto Watch 100 is opting for a proprietary OS over Wear OS. | Image: eBuyNow

The original Motorola Moto 360 was one of the few good Wear OS (then Android Wear) smartwatches. At least, it was until Motorola quit the smartwatch game in 2016. It got a remake in 2019 under a different company, and two years later, eBuyNow just announced the Moto Watch 100, a cheaper, entry-level smartwatch. And for the first time, it will not run Wear OS.

Instead, the new Moto Watch 100 features a proprietary software called Moto OS. This is a major departure from the Moto watches we’ve seen until now. That means it’ll be following in the footsteps of recent watches like the Huawei Watch 3, the OnePlus Watch, and every Fitbit smartwatch since the Ionic launched in 2017.

There are some clues in the Moto Watch 100 press release as to…

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