The mission to break barriers to space travel for people with disabilities

20211017 LBC ZG574 AstroAccess 610.0

Azubuike “Zuby” Onwuta flashes “Hook ‘em Horns” for the camera aboard the Zero G flight. | Image: Mission: AstroAccess

When Sina Bahram shifted into weightlessness for the first time on Sunday, he could feel the air brushing past his skin as his body began to float into the air. As someone who’d longed to be an astronaut since he was four years old, he’d been waiting many years to have this exact feeling.

“I knew it would be a joyous experience just because I looked forward to it for many decades of my life, but the visceral nature of that joy wasn’t brought home until you actually experience it,” Bahram, a computer scientist who runs Prime Access Consulting, tells The Verge. “It is truly indescribable.”

Bahram got to perceive free fall for the first time onboard a specially outfitted plane operated by the Zero-G Corporation, a company that provides…

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