The latest Oculus Quest update will help to prevent accidental dog punching

the latest oculus quest update will help to prevent accidental dog punching

“Watch out, kid. You’re in my guardian.” | Meta

Fresh off of Meta’s Connect 2021 keynote, where Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was announced for Quest 2, the company announced the latest set of software feature updates arriving on Quest and Quest 2 headsets starting today. The biggest addition is Space Sense, a feature that goes a step beyond the passthrough guardian by showing you in real-time when your safe VR space has been intruded.

It’s a practical update that aims to keep you safer, along with the other people and things in your home, too. Pets sometimes like to come over to you while a VR headset is on because it looks, to them, like you’re just standing or sitting there getting excited about something. The blog post over at Oculus’ site says that Space Sense can detect things…

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