The iPhone 13 may finally get features Android has had for years

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

It’s new iPhone day. And as with any new smartphone announcement these days, we have a fairly decent idea of what to expect. Leaks and rumors are more accurate than ever, and though there’s always the potential of a big surprise, the most likely scenario is the iPhone 13 will be what we think it will be.

Just because the rumors are clear doesn’t mean they’re not exciting, though. This year, the iPhone 13 (we assume that’s the name) will have some new technology in the same design. New designs tend to drive big upgrade cycles, but it’s the second year of the design that usually has the most interesting refinements.

We can list them out fairly quickly. There should be four iterations again: A Mini, a regular, a Pro, and a Pro Max. The…

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