The early Black Friday tech deals are coming on strong

the early black friday tech deals are coming on strong

Illustration by Richard Parry

You made it to the weekend. Good job. In exchange for making it to arguably the best time of the week, we owe you some deals. That’s just how it works. Below, you’ll find a potent mixture of this week’s best tech deals.

Before we get started, however, a little bit of housekeeping. We published a massive holiday gift guide this week. Its art (by Richard Parry) is so good that I’ve attached it above for you to peep.

As we get closer to the holidays, you might want to subscribe to our Verge Deals newsletter. If you’re not the kind of person who checks deals every single day, we think you’ll appreciate our bi-weekly dispatch filled with the best deals we’ve seen during the week.

We also want to remind you that our sister site, The…

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