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The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (The DEO) of Austin, Texas, is pleased to announce the launch of DEO MAP, the first operating system created just for growing dental companies.
DEO MAP stands for Measure, Align, Perform. It’s the first curriculum of its kind, created specifically for dental entrepreneurs of growing dental companies.
“We saw a need in the industry that wasn’t being met by existing operating system models for growing businesses. They don’t take into account the complexity and issues of a growing dental company felt by our members. The dental industry is unique and needs a unique operating system to serve it,” said Jacob Puhl, CEO of the DEO.
DEO MAP contains 10 foundational elements dental leaders must get right to build a self-managing, growing, entrepreneurial dental company. It’s the curriculum that teaches dental leaders how to grow a successful dental company.
Using the journey of successfully climbing a mountain as its metaphor, DEO MAP guides dental leaders through four phases of every dental entrepreneur's journey: Basecamp, Climb, Peaks, and Destination. The Basecamp phase includes four elements: Vision, Strategy, Structure, and Scoreboard. The Climb phase includes three elements: Meeting Rhythm, Culture, and Dental Systems. The Peaks phase includes three elements: Celebration, Rest, and Recovery; and finally, the Destination phase consists of the Future Planning element.
“DEO MAP will allow us to deliver an abundance architecture that is more specific to the needs of dental entrepreneurs. It’s what our members have been asking for and alongside the community connections, resources, and education opportunities that DEO offers, we are poised now more than ever to help dental leaders achieve their visions,” said Josey Sewell, Head of Implementation and Coaching / Partner, DEO.
The goals of each of DEO MAP’s phases and elements are supported with in-person training; coaching calls; a collection of carefully curated tools to reach goals including Scorecards, Templates, Examples, Infographics, Roadmaps, Checklists; and much more.
“DEO MAP will guide your company’s direction and strategy. It will also allow you to communicate with your team by creating a common language. In my experience, without an operating system to guide you, your dental company can stagnate and growth can stall but with DEO MAP, dental leaders can change that trajectory,” said Eric J. Roman, DDS, Director of Training / Partner, DEO.
DEO MAP is available exclusively for DEO Members.
For more information on DEO MAP and membership go here:
The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization© (DEO) serves dentist-entrepreneurs and dental leaders by connecting them with people, knowledge, and resources they need to grow their dental organizations and achieve their visions. For more information, visit
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