The best early Black Friday deals on 4K TVs

the best early black friday deals on 4k tvs

Getting the LG C1 OLED TV won’t be cheap, but it’s among the best options out there. | LG

4K TVs of all sizes and specs see price cuts several times throughout the year, but the time when we usually see the highest concentration of stellar deals is right now, as Black Friday hits and Cyber Monday is just around the bend. You’ve ended up in the right place if you’re looking for a TV deal, and yes, that includes people interested in a TV that has every bell or whistle, with the highest contrast ratio and the right features to eke all of the visual splendor from PCs and the latest gaming consoles or something that’s quite the opposite. We’ll be highlighting affordable TVs, too.

Our team at The Verge is hard at work on compiling the best Black Friday deals, running the gamut of retailers participating, as well as breaking it down…

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