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Want to give your child a head start in design software while keeping them entertained? Let them try these fun Canva projects.
Are you worried that your kids are spending way too much time on their screens, playing games, watching videos, or browsing social media? What if you can help them spend their screen time wisely, doing something creative? Show your child how to use Canva and see their creativity bloom.
Before Canva entered the picture, we had to use complex design software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to design something. They have hundreds of options on their menu bars and are not easy to master. But, Canva is changing the design scene.
Its straightforward interface with hundreds of templates and design elements can make anyone a designer, even your elementary-aged kid. There are so many engaging Canva projects your child can try.
Here, we will show you some ideas that can be fun and educational.
If summer vacation is around the corner, your kids need some structure to beat boredom. You need a solid plan to keep them engaged while you do your remote job or finish up the work around your home.
Instead of making the summer plan yourself, help your children brainstorm ideas and let them make one for themselves.
Let them choose a simple template or make a detailed one from scratch based on their age. For instance, younger kids can do an easy one with one activity each day. Older kids can make an explicit planner with hourly activities.
Check out these sites with more fun activities your child can do over summer vacation.
Are you planning to celebrate a birthday party for your child shortly? Get them to create a one-of-a-kind birthday invite for the birthday party. With various themed templates from outer space to animals, your child has many options to make an invitation for their birthday party.
They can also create an invitation on behalf of younger siblings. This is a fantastic way to encourage your child to learn more about their sibling and connect with them.
Making an infographic is breezy with Canva. Your child can choose a fun science topic and create an infographic to explain the concept better. They can then present it to the whole family.
Let your child choose a concept depending on their age. Some ideas for younger kids are making a simple food chain, water cycle, and animal classification. If you have a teen, they can try to make an illustrated version of the periodic table, the Big Bang Theory, the lifecycle of a star, and so on.
Younger kids may need some help with the infographic because they have to do it themselves without a template. Make sure you teach them the basics of changing the background color and adding elements and text. Also, be around to help them if they are struck.
Be it a yard sale, garage sale, or lemonade stand, Canva can be handy for creating a quick poster. Your child can use one of the templates to fill in the details. Older kids can make detailed posters with pictures of the products.
Even if you are not planning for a yard sale, you can encourage your child to design a poster to raise funds and donate it to a charity of their choice. They are never too young to learn to give back to the community.
Creating a recipe card is a super fun activity for the little master chefs at your home. With lots of templates and food elements on Canva, your child can personalize the recipes as much as possible. What's more—learning about all the ingredients will make your child nutrition-conscious. Check out these sites where your kids can learn more about nutrition.
Your child has many options, from making minimal written recipes to preparing eye-catching recipes with many visual elements. They can also snap photos of the food and add them to the recipe card.
If your child wants to keep things simple, they can also create a template for the recipes and add the details by hand.
Help your child sharpen their storytelling skills with Canva. They can create a comic book to share with their siblings, friends, and cousins. Your child can easily illustrate any situation or emotion in their comic book by using the numerous speech bubble options.
They can also scan their drawings and add them to their comic book. For added fun, make it teamwork—each sibling can create pages for different parts of the story and develop an exciting storyline.
Kids love GIFs featuring their favorite characters. And if you teach your child how to make one, they will gain a newfound respect for you. With Canva, it's simple and easy.
Your child can use a picture of themselves or their friend and add funny GIFs. They can search for GIFs in the Graphics tab of the Elements section in Canva.
Summer is synonymous with vacation. And vacations are excellent for motivating your child to do something creative. Canva has a lot of choices for photo collages. So your child can create a photobook with all those beautiful memories from your vacation.
Take this opportunity to teach your child some basic photo editing skills with Canva's free photo editor.
Your tot still has time to think about a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, but it's a good idea to teach them how to create a resume for marketing themselves.
Instead of using words, your child can use the various design elements to make the resume pop. And if your child is a teen, help them prepare a resume for nailing a volunteering opportunity.
Activity worksheets are great for lazy summer afternoons when there is nothing else to do for your child. Canva has templates for all the activities you can think of—puzzles, mazes, word searches, coloring pages, Sudoku, and the quintessential find the path.
If you're planning to go on a vacation, your child can make an activity book to take along.
With all the rage on STEAM education, it is vital that your child is comfortable using technology. Canva is simple to learn, and soon, your child will be a pro at it. In addition, it can be a precursor to learning more in-depth design software in the future.
We have covered only a small list of things your child can do with Canva, but the possibilities are endless. It is a perfect app for your child to unleash their creativity.
Aarthi Arunkumar is a writer and photographer based in Toronto. Once upon a time, she was a software developer. After trying both corporate and creative jobs, she is now happy to be sitting at the sweet spot between art and technology.
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