Tesla starts selling home charger that works with other EVs

tesla starts selling home charger that works with other evs

Image: Tesla

Tesla has launched a new at-home wall charger that works with other electric vehicles, as spotted by Electrek. The new Level 2 wall charger was quietly added to the company’s online store on the same day it started allowing non-Tesla EVs to charge at Supercharger stations in the Netherlands — the first step in a much larger plan to open up access to Tesla’s charging network around the world.

The new charger uses a standard J1772 connector, not Tesla’s proprietary one, meaning it should work fine with other electric vehicles in North America. It’s competitively priced, too, at $415 (though it has to be installed by a professional electrician). Tesla says it can charge at up to 9.6kW and is designed for both indoor or outdoor…

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