Ten top weather apps for Android phones

ten top weather apps for android phones

Photo by Eduardo Sanz / Europa Press via Getty Images

One of the more popular uses for phones (besides taking photos and watching TikTok videos) is to check out the weather. As a result, there are myriad weather apps out there, making it really hard to pick which one to use. So we’ve put together this guide to what we think are some of the better ones out there.

With the exception of one that used to be very well-liked: Dark Sky. Back in March 2020, Dark Sky was acquired by Apple and almost immediately removed from the Google Play app store. Originally, the Dark Sky API was going to be pulled as well — leaving a lot of third-party apps desperately looking for a substitute — but that’s been put off until at least the end of 2022. (By the way, if you use the iOS version of Dark Sky, that’s…

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