Tech tools for teaching in a classroom during a pandemic

tech tools for teaching in a classroom during a pandemic

The Chromecast with Google TV makes it easy to play content in front of a class without occupying your laptop. | Photo by Philip Berne for The Verge

The last year of lockdown and learning from home was undoubtedly the most challenging year for teachers in a generation. Now that students are returning to class, we face new challenges. Students hide behind their masks. Understaffing and last-minute changes require us to be more flexible. The transition from “going to school” in pajamas on the couch to physically going to school is exhausting, and engagement is low. Frankly, it’s quiet. Too quiet.

Here are some of my favorite tools that I’ve purchased this year to overcome the COVID doldrums. If you are a teacher with some classroom funds to spend, or if you know teachers who could use a tech boost, this is what I recommend.

Every time a student gives an impassioned answer and I have…

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