TCL announces 98-inch XL QLED TV, and you can buy it today

tcl announces 98-inch xl qled tv

Image: TCL

Last year, TCL announced an “XL” TV series that aimed to offer very big 85-inch displays for prices below what you’d pay for a similarly enormous set from, say, Samsung or LG. And in the first week of 2022, the XL lineup is going even larger. Today TCL is introducing a new 98-inch 4K QLED TV that’s available for purchase immediately. The 98R754 is a Google TV-based set that offers features like 4K gaming at 120Hz.

As for the price, TCL is only saying that the latest XL model “starts at under $8,000.” So, that probably translates to $7,999. Even at that asking price, TCL claims the 98-inch QLED is “accessible” and honors the company’s “commitment to deliver powerful picture performance and big-screen immersion at an accessible price…

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